Ever since I watched stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe go to New York Fashion Week(aka Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week)on her Bravo tv show I was hooked.She had total access to the fashion designers,their show rooms and front row seats at their fashion shows.

Now every February and September during Fashion Week I scour the internet for daily updates.Fashion blogs,videos,photographs of runway shows,designer interviews,celebrity guests it’s all mesmerizing.My favorite is the backstage access, that’s where all the creativity is in full force and new fashion trends are introduced (new hairstyles,new make up trends and nail polish colors for the season). It’s crowded, energetic, fast paced and looks a little stressful and I love it.

This year was no different September 6-13 2012, I was scouring the internet  for updates and thanks to my  Vogue Magazine subscription I also received daily email updates on the New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 Collections.This season I was less interested in the glitzy designs and glam fashions. I was looking for trending colors,fabrics and patterns on the runway inspiration for my jewelry. Lots of bright colors(go Marimekko) which I loved and lots of leather (gross Jason Wu)”warm weather leather” is he serious.

Jewelry is never a focus at these shows unless it’s part of the designer’s story on the runway and minimal is used.It’s not inspirational because it’s specific to that collection and it  makes it difficult to translate to everyday wear. When I saw pictures of Dannijo  Spring 2013 Presentation during Fashion Week,  I  was exited to see a complete jewelry presentation of that kind and creativity. A jewelry designing sister duo from New York, their jewelry is all  hand-made in their studio. Danielle and Jodie Snyder make high-end statement pieces that are show stoppers. Their Spring 2013 Collection a Tribal theme inspired by Native American (feathers reds, blues,yellows) African Safari (wood beads, earthy colors)  with a bohemian feel and  rock ‘n roll twist (chains lots of chains).http://twenty2.onsugar.com/New-York-Fashion-Week-Dannijo-Spring-2013-Presentation-24791632

Although beautiful, I felt it was a little severe to wear everyday or for  regular person. Their Tribal theme was diverse enough to break down and translate to everyday wear and not to mention the easily accessible materials. So to tone down the over the top costume feel here’s my take.