Dubbed ”Lucky Charteuse” after the recent Emmy Awards. Before I took a serious look at Chartreuse I had an Andy Sachs (The Devils Wears. Prada) moment.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LVptO7o4L8&feature=youtube_gdata_player.
Like most people I called it lime-green or yellow-green (an obsession at one point)but the real name is Chartreuse.A color that is a result of mixing Primary (yellow)+Secondary (green)=Tertiary(Chartreuse) aka yellow-green.

The color name borrows from a French liqueur with the same name and the same color. Chartreuse Liqueur takes its name from the  Grande Chartreuse Monastery named after the nearby mountains in the French Alps.

Chartreuse is showing up in so many different shades on the runway,red carpet,the street,housewares and furniture some leaning toward yellow which is lighter or toward green which is darker and this depends on which shade of yellows and greens mixed together.Loving or hating it really depends on the shade.
I love Chartreuse and it’s nice to see it revitalized. Now my bedroom wall, rug, decorative pillows,coffee press and the rest of Chartreuse in my house don’t look dated anymore.I made this pair of beaded earrings with seed and bugle beads of different shades of Chartreuse.