When my sister was born in 1997, I thought oh my now I have to share everything. Not that I’m selfish but I had been the only child for so long and I was my mother’s shadow. I knew things would change but I wasn’t sure how and how it would affect my life.

The day she came home for the first time my life did change. I helped my mother take care of her everyday and I fell in love. She was so beautiful, so little and innocent and I thought this is my sister and she needs me. From then on I was going to be the big sister she deserved, love her, take care of her and make her proud. At 15 she is smart, funny, loving and she is  My Jewel.

When we hear the word jewel often we think expensive  jewelry (gold, diamonds, rubies, emeralds…). We equate jewels with sparkle, glitter and in monetary value but the list should not end there. A jewel could be someone you hold near and dear to your heart, or anything you love or are proud of. As cheesy as it sounds its true. The world is full of jewels we know their cost but do we know their value?

When my sister was younger she would write letters, draw pictures and write poems for me. I have kept and proudly displayed every piece of paper, they have no monetary value and never will. What they symbolise to me can never be measured in terms of money but love. So take a look around you, know your Jewel and the value to you.