SAM_0903Ready to get my Oprah Winfrey on but now I am feeling some type of  way. I know exactly how Barbara Walters felt when Lindsay Lohan pulled out of their scheduled interview two weeks ago.At least Lindsay’s publicist called to cancel the interview.Maybe I am more in the same boat as Robert De Niro. He was so angry with Jay- Z that he let him have it at Leonardo DiCaprio’s star-studded birthday bash last week.The “beef” is Jay- Z agreed to record a song for TriBeca Film Festival and never did and never answered De Niro’s phone calls.
Even though the comparisons are on different levels and scales it’s the same problem “flakey people”. You politely ask, you organize, prepare and they don’t call you back,don’t answer text messages or emails.
SAM_0908Maybe talking about yourself on camera is embarrassing or scary, I don’t know but I know if someone asked me I would SAM_0911do it. I would not agree and flake out last-minute without a phone call, email or text its inconsiderate and disrespectful.
Plan A
Plan B
Plan C make it work.