Monthly Archives: April 2013

Can you imagine that? I can. I am a point in my life where I am going back to “basics”. The word BASIC is looked at as inferior, not enough and might seem like a dirty word to some people. “Basic” if used in today’s terminology describes things as not good enough. For example basic job, basic house, basic education, basic clothes, basic cable, basic phone I mean this is just a drop in the sea of things that can be basic. Look around you and add to the list.
We are such a high consumption species that is so robotic and hypnotized by materialistic bling that we have forgotten that “basic” is good, realistic,preparation and grounding.
Basic to many is opposite of having money, fame, with it or made it. In the chase of all things materialistic we have forgotten the “bases and basics” of life.
I have been doing things one way for a long time and it’s just not working anymore. So I am going back to “basics”.
I am not going to lie for me too basic mean inferior. It especially bothered me to take a Basic Classes(any class at school or College and even activity classes) to me it represents a lack of knowledge and insecurity on that particular subject. But the older I get I realize that basic is equal to the start…a good start to any and everything in life.
With that said cover your “basic”. It’s like the lessons thought to you by your parents at an early age or the crawling before walking.