Lights, Camera, Action …Oh I Have NO Interview Subjects.

SAM_0903Ready to get my Oprah Winfrey on but now I am feeling some type of  way. I know exactly how Barbara Walters felt when Lindsay Lohan pulled out of their scheduled interview two weeks ago.At least Lindsay’s publicist called to cancel the interview.Maybe I am more in the same boat as Robert De Niro. He was so angry with Jay- Z that he let him have it at Leonardo DiCaprio’s star-studded birthday bash last week.The “beef” is Jay- Z agreed to record a song for TriBeca Film Festival and never did and never answered De Niro’s phone calls.
Even though the comparisons are on different levels and scales it’s the same problem “flakey people”. You politely ask, you organize, prepare and they don’t call you back,don’t answer text messages or emails.
SAM_0908Maybe talking about yourself on camera is embarrassing or scary, I don’t know but I know if someone asked me I would SAM_0911do it. I would not agree and flake out last-minute without a phone call, email or text its inconsiderate and disrespectful.
Plan A
Plan B
Plan C make it work.


The Magic of PhotoShop.

me inside station

Photoshop is a great tool if used correctly and sparingly, if not it can be a hot mess. So while tinkering(successfully) with my iPad recently I came across a free app PS Express. I used the free and basic edit to enhance and change the colors on these pictures of the Boylston T stop in Boston. Amy and I took these pictures one night during a class assignment. The photos on the left are the original and the Photoshop on the right and bottom. I am quiet impressed and I am upgrading the app, with new purchases.

The Sounds of the Boston Common.

Depending on the  direction you were walking in, these are some of the sounds you would have heard on the Boston Common.

The evening of October 24 2021. Recorded by Precious and 2 classmates.

The $2,500,000 Bedazzle.

The first ever Fantasy Bra, “Million Dollar Bra” $1,000,000 worn by Claudia Schiffer in 1996. The most expensive, “Red Hot Fantasy Bra/Panties” $15,000,000 worn by Gisele Bundchen in 2005. Favorite Angel,Heidi Klum wore “Heavenly Star” $12,500,000 in 2001 and “Very Sexy Fantasy Bra” $11,000,000 in 2003. Tyra and Karolina have worn $10,000,000 Fantasy Bras as angels.

There are so many meanings to the word “Bedazzled” as many as the things  that can be bedazzled under the sun…accept the sun at least no one has tried. The bedazzled I am talking about is the sewing or gluing of crystals, beads or anything ”blingy” on just about anything.

Your arts and crafts or grandmothers bedazzling may be cheesy or cheap but one brand has done it correctly for the last sixteen years.Victoria’s Secret is a lingerie brand known world-wide, a favorite for woman of all ages. At attainable prices Victoria’s Secret lingerie make any woman feel beautiful and special. But they also have exclusive luxury and more expensive items that they show once a year.

Just in time for the holidays, for the past sixteen years Victoria’s  Secret has a televised over the top and insanely themed fashion show.They show their exclusive items, their  holiday creations which also show up on  their Christmas Catalog and of course their beautiful angels. Oh my, I love their Christmas Catalog and almost drool at the television during the fashion show. But every year one very exclusive and very expensive item  the” Fantasy Bra” makes an appearance. An amazing creation of diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds and each year it has a different name (always a bra and sometimes matching panties,belt).

It’s almost that time again, 4 December 2012 is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show(sorry I stalk their website for up dates) and get their catalogs. This year their Fantasy Bra creation by London Jewelers is “modest” compared to past creations. At $2,500,000 the Floral Fantasy Bra is a one of a kind creations flowers of(amethysts, sapphires, rubies and diamonds) and wait for it a removable…20-carat white diamond in the center. It also has a matching perfume bottle for $500,000 This is not your everyday bedazzling.

It’s all so colorful, beautiful and creative but  I am not sure about the use of diamonds.  It’s ridiculous and who will buy it in this economy?

Know Your Diamonds.

This was an obvious choice for me a subject close to me. Ever since I could remember my family has always known a person or people who work in the mines.  With the recent South African mines violence, everyday I learn a little more and I’m incensed. Africa is exploited along with its people and the children suffer the most. The diamond industry knows no boundaries and lack basic human compassion  using children, women and men to work in dismal condition for little of no pay. It’s important to know where your products come from because in some cases purchasing them we  indirectly help others commit crimes of the worst kind to humanity. Enjoy this video…

My Jewel.

When my sister was born in 1997, I thought oh my now I have to share everything. Not that I’m selfish but I had been the only child for so long and I was my mother’s shadow. I knew things would change but I wasn’t sure how and how it would affect my life.

The day she came home for the first time my life did change. I helped my mother take care of her everyday and I fell in love. She was so beautiful, so little and innocent and I thought this is my sister and she needs me. From then on I was going to be the big sister she deserved, love her, take care of her and make her proud. At 15 she is smart, funny, loving and she is  My Jewel.

When we hear the word jewel often we think expensive  jewelry (gold, diamonds, rubies, emeralds…). We equate jewels with sparkle, glitter and in monetary value but the list should not end there. A jewel could be someone you hold near and dear to your heart, or anything you love or are proud of. As cheesy as it sounds its true. The world is full of jewels we know their cost but do we know their value?

When my sister was younger she would write letters, draw pictures and write poems for me. I have kept and proudly displayed every piece of paper, they have no monetary value and never will. What they symbolise to me can never be measured in terms of money but love. So take a look around you, know your Jewel and the value to you.

My Chartreuse moment

Dubbed ”Lucky Charteuse” after the recent Emmy Awards. Before I took a serious look at Chartreuse I had an Andy Sachs (The Devils Wears. Prada) moment.
Like most people I called it lime-green or yellow-green (an obsession at one point)but the real name is Chartreuse.A color that is a result of mixing Primary (yellow)+Secondary (green)=Tertiary(Chartreuse) aka yellow-green.

The color name borrows from a French liqueur with the same name and the same color. Chartreuse Liqueur takes its name from the  Grande Chartreuse Monastery named after the nearby mountains in the French Alps.

Chartreuse is showing up in so many different shades on the runway,red carpet,the street,housewares and furniture some leaning toward yellow which is lighter or toward green which is darker and this depends on which shade of yellows and greens mixed together.Loving or hating it really depends on the shade.
I love Chartreuse and it’s nice to see it revitalized. Now my bedroom wall, rug, decorative pillows,coffee press and the rest of Chartreuse in my house don’t look dated anymore.I made this pair of beaded earrings with seed and bugle beads of different shades of Chartreuse.