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The Victoria Secret Show was everything and gave me everything. The opening Circus Theme was all over the place but then again it was “circus”
The themes were SPECTACULAR, CIRCUS(Cotton Candy, Clown, Joker, Magician, Sexy Assistant costumes) DANGEROUS LIAISONS(sexy and dreamy costumes and of course the infamous Angel Wings) CALENDAR GIRLS(every month of the year represented in sexy or holiday costume. Might I add it was tastefully done we all know how that “calendar girl” situation can turn out)SCREEN ANGELS( 1950s Hollywood glam, pure elegance and HELLO! feathers…everywhere) My favorite theme of the show.Closing the show ANGELS IN BLOOM(costumes made of exotic flowers and the ridiculous $2,500,000 bra made an appearance).
I expect no less from that production and no one enjoys the lights, stars and glitter more than me. Every year they out do themselves and this year was no different.
Victoria Secret models have the best runway walks of any fashion show. Adriana Lima looks a little thick, that’s what happens when you have kids and eat ( something Candace Swanepoel needs to do, I am embarrassed for my fellow South African she looks bony and starved
and that is not “hot”. An irony when you consider she is African.
Rihanna’s performance was okay, she is just doing too much for me to prove her “bad girl”image and she seemed to enjoy wearing lingerie onstage, she should she wears on the streets too.
There is something sexy about a fedora when it’s worn correctly. That old man vibe Bruno Mars was giving me I was not feeling that.The band and old man fedora he is so BORING.
Ugh! Justin Bieber, I can’t stand him. Disappointed by the Pink Nation Collection not as spectacular as the collection before and Justin performed during that, didn’t bother to watch that(sigh)he made the show seem shorter than an hour for me.
They never show audience members but OLD(cradle snatcher) Russell Simmons was front and center, probably stalking his next prey.

Can’t wait for 2013.