Back to Basics…

Can you imagine that? I can. I am a point in my life where I am going back to “basics”. The word BASIC is looked at as inferior, not enough and might seem like a dirty word to some people. “Basic” if used in today’s terminology describes things as not good enough. For example basic job, basic house, basic education, basic clothes, basic cable, basic phone I mean this is just a drop in the sea of things that can be basic. Look around you and add to the list.
We are such a high consumption species that is so robotic and hypnotized by materialistic bling that we have forgotten that “basic” is good, realistic,preparation and grounding.
Basic to many is opposite of having money, fame, with it or made it. In the chase of all things materialistic we have forgotten the “bases and basics” of life.
I have been doing things one way for a long time and it’s just not working anymore. So I am going back to “basics”.
I am not going to lie for me too basic mean inferior. It especially bothered me to take a Basic Classes(any class at school or College and even activity classes) to me it represents a lack of knowledge and insecurity on that particular subject. But the older I get I realize that basic is equal to the start…a good start to any and everything in life.
With that said cover your “basic”. It’s like the lessons thought to you by your parents at an early age or the crawling before walking.


Mercedes Benz Fashion Weeek Fall 2013- Backstage Trends.

With Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City,Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and London Fashion Week wrapped a few weeks ago. As usual we saw the “Oh Yes” and the “Oh No” the Fall 2013 Collections had to offer.Just as important as the designs is accessorizing and completing the looks, the hair, make up and nails.And something I have noticed, there has to be an “it girl” you know. That hot and in demand model that just takes over the catwalk and walks every show. For Fall 2013 Collections, Cara Delevingne 21, British fashion model was the “face” at every fashion show. cara
I am not a model groupie so I don’t know too much about her except that she wants to win a Grammy Award, an Oscar, and Nobel Peace Prize. I don’t know about all that but I do know she has a mean walk and a killer stare and she destroys on the runway. She walked the hell out of that Oscar De La Renta Fashion Show.
picture 2 to use for variety hair Slick back or Messy Braid.
my favorite cat eyecolorful playful cat eye The 1960s Cat Eye.
red lip 2 The Red Lip lives
on.crystal nails at FWNYVARIETY BLACK NAILS Artsy Nail Creations.

Favorite:Fall 2013 Collections.

I knew nothing about Oscar de la Renta until Rachel Zoe introduced him to me on her show. I mean I watched the mega stylist turned designer front and center at his runway shows and in his show rooms. I still don’t know much and honestly I need to educate myself. All I know right now is that he is a genius, a gentleman and he knows a woman. He knows exactly what women want in clothes, he understands their bodies. From the “First Lady”, to the “Ladies who lunch”. The Hollywood “glamour girl” to the Hollywood “it girl” and let’s not forget the “street chic girl” and the modern bride. His touch magical and his Fall 2013 Collection made you want to be all those girls.
white-dress shaggy gownoscar pants
I love Michael Kors first because he is so accessible. His designs are cool and wearable.
You can mix and match the separates to fit any occasion. I love bright colors so I am living for his Fall 2013 Collection, that fresh take on old camouflage pattern. That oversize bright orange knit sweater did it for me.

And who doesn’t love this American Classic. Ralph Lauren’s runway show was a frenzy fuzzy fur hats, cozy knits and gowns for days. The Russian Military Inspiration was present and made a statement. Whether it’s on the runway, department store the bargain basement you get your money’s worth.
ralph gownsbest ralph pant

Front Row Seats and All Access Backstage Passes.

I wish, it’s only in my dreams or when I don’t feel like going to work, which is all the time now. I wish I had Caroline Palmer’s job hoping from one front row seat to another in New York City or jet setting to Paris or London living it up at the Fashion Shows. Thanks to her I can hop around and jet set “virtually” with her.
Maybe it’s better that way because I can imagine hoarding everything from the fashion shows. Which makes sense why I loved: 3.1 Philip Lim, character /globe-trotter and collector of things.That’s how all the Runway Shows looked the designers went around the world collecting things. They ended up with lots of black and white and some color a lot of stiff and execrated shoulder. Alexandra Wang went AndrĂ© The Giant with that shoulder and arms”too much”.At least he added a little color but Michael Kors made me smile with that Blue Camo so fresh.I am living for that oversized orange sweater Michael. His designs you can take them right off the runway and wear them on the street. I want to see those colors in his designs at the department store, he is not the only one who caught that department store bug.
Vera Wang did that Kohl’s thing a long time ago and it was a genius move. Regular people with regular money can’t get to wear designer clothes but more and more now even people with money are not spending on high-end designs. The recession has almost all the high-end designer at Target, H&M, Macy’s, Kohl’s, JC Penney just to name a few. I am glad Vera Wang saved those structured volumes, exaggerated arms and structured collar for her runway show. Can you imagine going to a restaurant wearing those shoulders and you would get a stink eye
for wearing those collars at the movies.
Severe and over done was the common theme. When I think of Marchesa I think girly, romantic,
soft and ethereal. This 2013 Fall Collection gave me severe black and the liver reds, over embroidery and stiff fabric. No sorry I can’t do it. But I have to say I will be surprised if I don’t see some of their gowns on the Oscar red carpet tomorrow night.
Where ever some of these designs are worn and by whom ever there were definite hits and definite misses for me.

I Would Rather…

SAM_0196fashion week Blizzard Nemo came through Friday, kicked ass all over New England,the entire NorthEast and left a mess. Boston is hip deep in snow(that depends on your height) but the snow totals are two feet all over the place.I woke up to fresh white powder everywhere, buried my car, covered my house, driveway, walkway, street and heavy clean up. When the cold wind blew snow into my face and mouth I was dreaming of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City. New York City didn’t escape the storm, snow, slush and rain but the show must go on.
As preparations were underway for Fashion Week. Tents and runways going up, last minute touches by designers, the models, the guests arriving I am watching the snow slowly melt and anticipating my daily updates from the people that are front and center at the fashion shows. I appreciate Caroline Palmer, Editor of she is my eyes and ears for the Fall 2013 Collections. So to not spoil the fun I am saving all my alerts, reviews and videos to enjoy over the weekend to get the full effect of the fashion shows.
I can’t wait to see what is hot or not, on trend for Fall 2013.
I can’t be there but I would rather be at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for Fall Collections 2013.

“KIDS” at Washington Heights.

kids_ver2 You ever see something that had your jaw almost drop to the floor or had you fighting a heavy knot that is developing in your throat.
I have had those moments but one in particular is embedded in my brain forever. World Aids Day(12/01/96 or 97)the year is a little fuzzy but the day is crystal clear.
The first time I saw the movie “KIDS” by photographer,writer and producer Larry Clark, the best way to describe it is shock and I had that knot in my throat. There is a lot of “do not’s” I turned into “do’s” that night.
I was not supposed to stay up until mid night, I had school the next day but I did. I was not supposed to watch a PG16 movie, I was not old enough but I did.I couldn’t believe they could put a movie like that on tv when my favorite movie was Coming To America with Eddie Murphy.
The rawness of the movie had me confused, I wasn’t sure which scenes were acting and which was true. I saw almost all the 7 deadly sins in this one movie. The realness of sex and nudity,profanity,violence and gore, alcohol,drugs and smoking. It was intense scenes and what frighten me was that it was a teenage group of friends and they too were from New York City.I sat for 90 minutes watching with my cousin Everson and once in a while,I would do the corner eye glance with embarrassment.
But what stuck with me the most was the horrendous intent HIV positive Telly had to sleep
with virgins. He had no idea he had HIV and didn’t care when he found out. “KIDS” educated me,taught me to wait and frightened me off a lot of things.
Fast forward to 2012/2013 MTV originally a music video channel has fallen prey to the predator that is “reality tv”. I am very particular and picky about the reality tv shows I watch. 90% of them are fake and scripted and the characters on these shows are on a fast track to their 15 minutes of fame.Its all trash and wretched behavior…ugh.
A few weeks ago while channel surfing I came across Washington Heights NYC on MTV. I thought oh! another reality tv show, at least it’s not Jersey Shore or Buckwild both atrocious. Fifteen minutes into the show I thought I have seen this before and I loved it. Washington Heights NYC is about a group of twenty something year old friends (male and female) from a neighborhood of the same name in New York City.Yes, Washington Heights reminded me of KIDS but in a total opposite and positive manner. There are similarities but toned down at the Heights. What I like about this show is that it is raw,true and relatable without being scary. It truthfully delves into the day-to-day lives of these friends dealing with education,employment,family, friendship,growing up and hustling their way towards their dreams.A stark contrast to the over the top scary similar KIDS.
By episode two,I love this show at my age and stage in life I can totally relate and it’s real.This show is part of that 10%(my opinion) that includes the news, sports, culinary tv,documentaries,music,fashion television shows that are worth watching and once per week I tune in loyally.

Washington Heights

Washington Heights

Circus By Victoria Secret Fashion Show…







The Victoria Secret Show was everything and gave me everything. The opening Circus Theme was all over the place but then again it was “circus”
The themes were SPECTACULAR, CIRCUS(Cotton Candy, Clown, Joker, Magician, Sexy Assistant costumes) DANGEROUS LIAISONS(sexy and dreamy costumes and of course the infamous Angel Wings) CALENDAR GIRLS(every month of the year represented in sexy or holiday costume. Might I add it was tastefully done we all know how that “calendar girl” situation can turn out)SCREEN ANGELS( 1950s Hollywood glam, pure elegance and HELLO! feathers…everywhere) My favorite theme of the show.Closing the show ANGELS IN BLOOM(costumes made of exotic flowers and the ridiculous $2,500,000 bra made an appearance).
I expect no less from that production and no one enjoys the lights, stars and glitter more than me. Every year they out do themselves and this year was no different.
Victoria Secret models have the best runway walks of any fashion show. Adriana Lima looks a little thick, that’s what happens when you have kids and eat ( something Candace Swanepoel needs to do, I am embarrassed for my fellow South African she looks bony and starved
and that is not “hot”. An irony when you consider she is African.
Rihanna’s performance was okay, she is just doing too much for me to prove her “bad girl”image and she seemed to enjoy wearing lingerie onstage, she should she wears on the streets too.
There is something sexy about a fedora when it’s worn correctly. That old man vibe Bruno Mars was giving me I was not feeling that.The band and old man fedora he is so BORING.
Ugh! Justin Bieber, I can’t stand him. Disappointed by the Pink Nation Collection not as spectacular as the collection before and Justin performed during that, didn’t bother to watch that(sigh)he made the show seem shorter than an hour for me.
They never show audience members but OLD(cradle snatcher) Russell Simmons was front and center, probably stalking his next prey.

Can’t wait for 2013.